Are you being priced out of business class?
Fact: Most people are. $4,000 to $10,000 is not spare change.

Use points to fly is a complex game.
Sometimes you can DIY. Sometimes you CANNOT.

The Points Flight Finder Concierge is just like it says, we find flights for a fee.
Delivered with exceptional service and deep experience of luxury travel.

Use your points in the smartest, most effective ways, to fly the best seats.



When using YOUR points right, flying Business class becomes really affordable.


But, using points is getting harder, more complicated and more time consuming.  Designed that way because airlines can only provide limited reward seats.  If airlines released more reward seats and made it easier to book, they wouldn’t be able to charge $8,000+ for a business class ticket.


The Points Flight finder Concierge solves this problem.


We have a team of 11 people, with 8 that are focused on flight bookings.  The aim of our team is to help you fly cheaper with your points rather than pay $$$$, or waste your time hopelessly trying to find seats.


there are no magic tricks. we apply our effort and experience.


We apply our proven processes and experience of our dedicated team which has redeemed 3,500+ seats with 300+ million points.  Meaning we know exactly the best combinations of using different credit card points and frequent flyer points, to find and book the right seats.  We would also be frank to admit, even with our resources, commitment and experience, sometimes there are no seats at all (approx 20% of the time), but you can rely on us to keep on trying all options to get you flying.



Our service will keep looking across all options on all airlines to get you flying

our fees are based on booking outcomes and not hours worked.

A start-search fee of AUD$9.90 is payable by credit card when submitting this form, to certify genuine bookings receive our full attention.  The full success-fee (details below) becomes due when we find the right flights for you, otherwise there is no other fee.



When do seats come up? - Reward seats changes constantly, our team searches daily and is ready to book as they become available. Unless you are always looking, you might miss your flight.

Can points be used to fly different airlines? – Our team calculates all the best combinations of partners and alliances. Points from one airline can be used to book other airline partners and vice-versa.

Do you fly for cheaper points? – We book at the same published points. Some airlines require lower points than others and are more suited to certain destinations. Our team works out the best scenarios.

Can't I book myself? - Yes you can, if you can find the right seats. Since, reward seats are constantly changing. Available seats can be booked by anyone anywhere 24/7. The more you look, the higher your chances.

Can't the airline help me book? - When you call the airline, they can tell you if there are seats only at that time. Once you hang up, they'll be helping the next caller. You will need to call them again and again to get new options. Does the airline care if they find your seat...? With iFLYflat, our team is searching for your seats continuously to win your business

When is the final fee due? - You are engaging us to find the right flights, fees are payable if the flights info we find for you are utilised for a booking (payable whether we book it for you, or you book it yourself).


we are experts in Turning points into flight/s.

when you cannot 'do it yourself' - we can do it for you.


Read our FAQ's or learn more about this service, or where to fly with your points.


Prices: The Points Flight Finder Concierge


The Flat Price Package
Covers flights to/from Australia

A flat fee (inclusive of taxes) applies for flights flying to/from Australia. We charge a success fee covering our team's efforts to calculate and search for your points & flight combinations.

We specialise in booking Business Class, but can also book First, Premium Economy and Economy.



$1,500 round-trip, or $750 each-way

(inclusive of ticket taxes, except on Emirates*)



$2,500 round-trip, or $1,250 each-way

(inclusive of ticket taxes, except on Emirates*)



Flat-Price ($2,500 or $1,500 etc) = The booking success fee + ticket taxes

The two prices above are a package price model, inclusive of fees, airline fuel/carrier imposed surcharges and airport taxes. They also cover the experience, time and efforts to find your best flight and seat.

We operate on a no booking = no fee model, invoiced upon booking. All prices in $AUD

*Emirates surcharge: Unfortunately, If the flights are with Emirates there is a surcharge of an additional $400 pp each way, due to their high taxes and fuel surcharges. We will continue to monitor their fees. Where possible we will present alternative flight options to avoid this.

Luckily Emirates offer a complementary Chauffeur-drive A-airport-B transfer service for the relevant leg for eligible countries. (t+c apply)

Other Business Class flight options

For flights which are NOT to/from Australia, the pricing model is based on 'Service Fee + Tax recovery'

city to city2.png

City to City

(eg. London > Rome, or, New York > San Francisco)
Business Class = $550 one-way + taxes

(Applies to flights wholly outside of Australia)

round world2.png

Round the World

Use your points to fly Round The World (RTW)
$550 per one-way segment + taxes


$300 per edit/per person (Making changes requires finding brand new seats - a lot of work)


First class, Premium Economy and Economy are charged at different fees.

WE RECONFIRM ALL FEES AND CHARGES PRIOR TO ANY SEARCH OR ACTION. Flights remain the property of iFLYflat until full settlement of our invoices.


The booking process

Our reward team will take care of the entire booking process. You sit back and relax.



Seats are changing constantly, they are limited and hard to find.

We do not help with upgrades (airline upgrades are based on status, availability and is allocated on a last-minute basis). Instead we book outright points redemption to lock in a confirmed business class seat.

Our bookings are at the same airline published redemption rates which applies to everyone equally.

We get the job done!


Looking for more info?

Check out our FAQ's page, or learn more about Destinations


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